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To book me individually, contact me at the address above.

IF you need a solo pianist, be aware that I always perform with my own custom backing tracks (or with a band.) I did not train as a solo pianist, and the discpilne is quite different that the small combo context - piano, bass and drums, sometimes with added guitar and/or other instruments. And if i am not having fun, I cannot expect you to either. Note that the backing "band" can be quite soft and unintrusive, but without it, I prefer to give others who do enjoy solo work the nod.



That would be me, David Kempton. If you are having an issue with the site, please contact me at . I'm responsible for the site design and content, but I had the help of a number of incredibly useful and unique individuals, without which the site could not have been created at all.

Website credits

The entire site began as a template from Styleshout, but it was my doing that twisted the design from there. Major kudos to Jeroen Wijering and his JW FLV Media Player, which is used for all video and audio feeds on this site (except the short soundbites you hear on some pages, which are the product of SoundManager 2..)
Equally importantly, this site would not be working at all except for the amazing knowledge and helpfulness of the gang at W3C Schools and the W3C forums. Dierdre's Dad, Ingolme, too many other names to mention, all many times helpful beyond the call.
And finally, thanks to all the great musicians and engineers who were involved in the creation of the music on this site.

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